ART GALA (OAS) 2nd nov

the crowd
rob being honored with a cunningham print
talking about olbrantz & hallie ford
harcourt after photo of rob
olbrantz being likewise gifted with a cunningham
a blurry but sweet hug
be-bearded rob looking on
wide angle
8. san & carol
carol & yours truly
11. san & maureen
maureen & yours truly again…dave is the photographer.
michael hernandez & dave
michael hernandez (new gallerist/designer) in our studio

post 50

in a few days my daughter will turn 50 years old, and she is my “baby”. coincidently, my post today on wordpress, is my 50th post. and so i am going to take care of odds and ends that have been left dangling and then say goodbye to blogging. “post 50” will be my final post which began in a cemetery and will end in our plans and hopes for the future. a heartfelt thank you to those who have spent time reading what i have written, and especially to friends who have taken the time to leave comments. here goes….


where was i (hallie ford)

 “where was i when we voted for life and death”

a sculpturally framed art piece from found wood by nic, writing by sloy, now hanging in the northwest artist’s room at the Hallie Ford Museum.


ephemera. places dave’s mother visited when she was young. she is no longer with us and so part of the process we are now involved in includes culling ephemera (and soon our art) and making choices about what to go on with and what to let go.


downtown casper, wyoming, “gateway to the frontier”.  hotels, old timey cars, ballroom, dining room, lobby, bar.


for jan, our neighbor, who asked if i would please take a closer picture of some earrings i was wearing in one photo on facebook. this is one of many pairs of cardboard earrings nic has made for me through the years. although they appear heavy, they are in fact, much lighter than most commercial earrings.


the other side of the same earring as above.

earring 2 back

this is the earring that “matches” the one above. they are meant to be worn as a pair, though i tend to wear either one or the other as they are a strong enough statement singly.

earring 2

and this is the other side of the one above. sorry to have taken so long to respond to your request, jan.

our little sitting room

and here, dear readers, is where our attention will be directed for some time now. this is a small room in our house meant to be a second bedroom, but we use it for our “parlor”, our living room, a place to seat guests who visit in some comfort. we have a wall unit holding a tv, stereo, bar (open) and other civilized paraphernalia as well as the furniture you see. our intentions are to clear out this room so that we can bring our art home out of storage. a huge job as there is nowhere else for all this stuff to go. most will have to go away, somehow, and it is difficult to let go. this is as much as we know right now, and so it is all i will say about it, excepting that it is exciting to think about change, about having our art here with us.

camano deck

i say goodbye with this lovely picture of the deck off the cabin on camano island where we spent many, many years with great joy in a paradise-like setting, the saratoga passage seen here barely through the trees in the upper left, with its ferries, ships, boats and wildlife and sunsets, the beach below. my father and his wife, my stepmother, hosted many a family get-together here, and we filled the deck with conversation and laughter and children and grandchildren. kay thompson took this picture and posted it on facebook, and we are immensely grateful to her for it, as this photo represents time past. my father no longer reclines in a lounge chair in that far left corner by the white table, and the gatherings are no more. we must move on.

flower power

a short, sweet story about flowers begins here…

hot nite impossible box

flowers cut from canvas scraps first get coated with gel medium

july 14, 2014  8:34:36 pm

flower power fronts

flash forward to  sept 24, 2014 6:21:04 PM

flowers are now edged and hand stitched together. these are their acrylic painted sides

flower power backs

ink and gel medium sides


long story short the flower container is ready for the flowers

oct. 18, 2014  7:54:40 pm










oct 18, 2014  8:01:11pm

8 two-sided flowers and their container


night at summit



our hostess, sara swanberg


yours truly (sloy) with sara

dom perignon 2002

bonnie hull, steve addams, sloy and sara with a bottle of 2002 dom perignon the addams brought

pouring champagne

steve addams pouring the champagne while i chat with roger hull

view into the main room

the view into the main room


the library


steve addams in the loft


the railing


bonnie hull with red ukelele

instrument wall

woodwind and brass


sara’s exotic wood


sara’s worktable, marimbas (sara’s band is ‘the maharimbas’) and grandchild’s toys

meanwhile the meal

meanwhile, the dinner prepped in the kitchen

the table setting

the table  setting


cynthia addams

cynthia & steven

cynthia, sara, steve and the array of  appetizers


our lovely evening together in summit in the house sara built


steve’s socks


dinner table and view


the salad course

handbuilt house

sara’s handbuilt home in summit

blameless man & laughing woman (for ruth)

“the blameless man” came first. ink & white mean streak on 50″ x 54″ heavy pulp paper.

2. the blameless man

the year is 1997. (ernie irvan, scrappy nascar driver hits the wall & miraculously survives.) “i’m really grateful god saved me. maybe so i can race again,” follows “the blameless man”. a 50″ x 55″ ink writing on pulp paper.

the blameless man closeup

“the blameless man”, indelible ink using a pentel .04 ceramic tip. my favorite writing implement until pentel quit manufacturing ceramic tip pens. thick, raw pulp paper is analogous to writing on a virgin 100%cotton t-shirt. it slurps ink. it’s a one stroke whatever happens experience.

1. the laughing woman

“the laughing woman” (after the stormy night) followed ernie irvan’s miraculous recovery. she too was written with ink on 50″ x 55″  pulp paper tacked to the studio wall, but instead of the beloved pentel indelible ceramic ink pen she was born of a levenger plastic replica of an ink well pen. her ink was NOT indelible. the pen did not welcome various angles of application such as vertical strokes.

pen strokes enarged

because the levenger could not write uphill, “the laughing woman” became a see it don’t see it reader experience, and the only reader she ever had bought it laughing as he read it aloud from top to bottom. who could want a better art collector?

full frame

“the laughing woman” laughed in a nichols’ frame created from roof flashing abandoned in the yard of a craftsman house in northeast portland.

detail 1

detail of flashing frame

detail 2

must wear gloves when you move nic’s custom flashing metal frame conceived & bent over wood.

back frame

“the laughing woman” had her back covered too. found wood. nic’s eye, his workshop is the envy of maybe all but himself, but that’s another post another time.

laughing woman magnified

one day turned into a dark & stormy night & “the laughing woman”, having been lashed onto the top of a moving truck overnight her ink fickle ran.

snippet 3D

fickle ink (now 3D)

enlarged 3d laughing woman

“the laughing woman”. ruth, i wanted to write the story of “the blameless man” & “the laughing woman” for “line break”, your fab column in “the salem weekly”, & we dug through our storage unit, a worthy archaeological dig, only to realize 50″ x 55″ writings would not translate to a single column. so i give you this story of 2 writings. “the blameless man” survives in heavy lamination without frame, “the laughing woman” and her frame is in a state of dismantle. let me ponder another possible submission for “line break”. maybe something even more absurd.  sloy