all bob knows is tires

bob's OK tire store

since 1978, the year our nicholsloy studio econoline van rolled off the assembly line, bob’s been the guy to go to for tires.

ed heading for bob's office

old skool tire shop. same as it ever was only more so.  ed, on the left, who will be doing the work on our tire change.

view of the shop

the art of a working garage.

front desk of office

and here’s the office.

lisa, bob's daughter

bob’s daughter lisa. she’ll give you hell if you haven’t been in for the free rotation every 4 or 5000 miles.

mike, bob's son

bob’s son mike. he’s drilling a hole through lisa’s work station for a new power cord to her computer.

van on the rack

meantime, off with the old.


ed on the job.

bob's collections

nic in the back alley checking out bob’s collection of rims.


bob & i jaw over tires and old times.

nic, one of bob's longtime employees

this is nick. one of the old timers. been working for bob for 15 years.

vintage OK Tires sign

you want personal service, honest service, service from years and years of experience with tires, you can’t beat bob’s OK tires. 2305 commercial st. ne. salem, OR.

78 econoline studio van spiffed up

all dolled up in nexen roadian HT’s and out and about in less than an hour. our studio art van has 343,568 miles on it. almost every mile from the beginning on bob’s tires. we get top of the line for many reasons. bob talked up 4 great possibilities, but recommended one $200 less than the most expensive of the 4. old skool service and old skool decency. bob knows his tires, and he knows what we want and need. a tip o’ the hat to bob.


3 thoughts on “all bob knows is tires

  1. this is way too cool…lovingly written and the office and the guy under the desk and then WOW…your van! Your Salem…?? Future post collaborative?


    1. thanks, bonnie! we’ve been lax with the blog. too many events for two dyed in the wool recluses lately. van is due for a 2nd transmission transplant next week. it’s had 4 in its long lifetime for a rig, but this one done recently went bad. we’re grinding about town turning the ignition off to switch gears when stopping at lights or when trying to back up. it’s an experience. hope to get back at the blog soon.


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