nic’s box

live in nicholsloy studio tonite we have nic in his own keystrokes. what are we looking at in this photo, nic?

art box

turns out it’s the unstacking of the box i made to hold my ‘somewhat’ flat cardboard stuff.

vintage art postcards upright in box

your grandma pigler’s (mary goebel’s) piano stool in the upper right with a mooneyes stool. your hotrod postcards in the lower right & still in the box cardboard customs & hotrods.

pulp fiction collaged mail art postcards

digging turthur i knp i do. the next to be removed is a series of ‘part’s boxes’ from a weyerhaeuser pulp mill inlaid into pieces of cardboard boxes. notice EAK appears.

cardboard hotrod under 'rifle scope', inlayed circles.

TA, BUENO KEEP UNDER Northwest Pears, reading the lettering on the box.

looking in as the box empties

the cardboard for the ‘part’s box’ pieces i got from my beatific niece lexie (rip). in the back a portrait by kent barton (rip).

final compartment

so nic, what’s on the clipboard & what’s in the boden glass mug?

cardboard constructions from parts boxes

on the clipboard a time log of a painting, offscreen upper right, & a poem. in the glass whisky water ice.

emptied interior


view, with cardboard art, from the back

ya need a cardboard art box to put the art ya make out of cardboard boxes into.


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