phase linear: fine old sound system (our dilemma)

the sound power of the 70’s

last year sometime we lost one channel and have been meaning to take the pre-amp in to get a repair as it is the usual suspect. its last repair, some years ago, eric lovre made. total cost $45. (today, december 6, 2012, i listed this stereo on craig’s list for $50.00. it was snapped up within minutes after posting. this is good news as we both hoped to find it a good home and the guy who bought it was crazy for it.) goodbye old friend.

amp and case
amp & case. (VU meters no longer start at 0)

two days ago nic began the process of taking our sound system down… cd player, double tape deck, speakers… all dysfunctional without our phases. long ago we had to give up on playing vinyl unless we got an external preamp, which we could have got then for around $50, but somehow never got around to it.

pre amp and case

thunderous, warm sound. rock n roll, blues, jazz, rap, parts you never hear with modern receivers. we, being at glad times poor neighbors, would crank it to 12 or 1. anything past that would rattle the windows.

back of amp with its big boxer cooling fan
back of amp 

here i sit watching nic dismantle and photograph our much loved and long serving stereo. we’re not young any more either. a 60’s nikkormat camera, our 78 ford econoline van, the phase linears, not too many of our old companions left.

inside back of amp
back of preamp
original phase linear brochure

we kept everything. all the provenance including an envelope of receipts for a complete restoration april 22, 2006 at circle stereo in dripping springs, texas, by william green. the complete restoration cost $274, but with shipping, various extras, and a $119.90 diagnostic, we ended up paying ol’ billy  & UPS $794.11.

amp owner’s manual
pre amp brochure

now that nic’s got each piece wrapped and boxed up, we get to gnaw & deliberate.  should we get the pre amp right (or left?) channel repaired? or should we move on, simplify, find another good home for this elegantly styled, high end (in its day) phase linear stereo?

if you or anyone you know would be interested in ‘adopting’ our Phase Linears and all the documentation, owner’s manuals, articles from ‘high fidelity’ (april 1976 issue), restoration receipts & eric lovre receipt for pre-amp repair, let us know below.

we’re looking to the stars for answers!

& here’s info from the Phase Linear History website:

from the phase linear history website
phase linear history site on the amp
phase linear history site on the preamp

peace & love, sloy


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