double bloody marys (part 1)

now for those double bloody marys i promised. wish i knew when it started. nic would detect it out no matter what it took. i lumber on with no facts except i painted ‘double bloody mary’ over & over & over & round & round a laurel trunk with a major ant caravan promenade. we inherited both with the place.

‘double bloody mary’

pictures of it being painted and freshly painted exist, but without nic the archivist, we have to settle for this is as it is now.

‘double bloody mary’

our inherited laurel. always a work in progress. so far, the ‘double bloody mary’ trunk stays. sister trunks have been harvested, as we say, for other lives in our garden.

the laurel (under deconstruction)

everybody needs double bloody mary breaks once in awhile. if you’ve never taken one you’ve come to the right place. – nic & sloy’s favorite double bloody mary breaks (we call them dates) in salem, OR.

flight deck double bloodys

look at those spicy speckles & the good color. we are at the flight deck. 4 thumbs up. hot pickled pepper. olives (one submerged). chunky salted rim. fat straws. cool sticks. (i kind of collect these stick/spears/swizzlers. slip them in my purse after the veggies are dispensed with first off.)

the tarmac

& out the window the view from our table facing the tarmac. planes taxi, take off, arrive, take off again. nic & sloy side by side on tall bar stools on a double bloody mary date at the flight deck.

paul presiding over the bar

& looking inward, the neat lineup of bottles & paul, a maestro of mixology, conversation, & turns out painting too, on scraps of old metal signage. neon ‘corona’ airplane, model airplanes dining room, bar everywhere.

airport ambience. old school fly boys and girls chatting it up & eyes on any movement on the tarmac.  one of those 50’s/60’s gull wing bat wing aero inspired buildings, the flight deck, we in salem are so lucky to have.

flight deck double bloody marys

two more nic & sloy double bloody mary favs in salem coming soon. enjoy!


3 thoughts on “double bloody marys (part 1)

  1. OMG…we LOVE the Flight Deck. Once I went there and there were all these people there eating lunch and all these planes on the tarmac…and as we sat there one by one the people paid up and jumped into their planes and flew away leaving two little earthbound persons deeply astonished. A world within a world. Thanks for the reminder. xo


    1. instead of hitting ‘reply’ i tapped out a reply in the comment column. wordpress is not easily mastered somehow. for instance, i’m wrestling with the ‘free’ wordpress blog space, and now see there’s an ad on one of my posts! guess, if i continue this blog, i should look into paying for ad free space. (my reply below?)


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