double bliss

we shouldn’t have touched our lips to these double bloody’s until after we took the photo, but what you see here is the work of masterful mixologist soraida cross at the bentley’s.


bentley’s bar with soraida on the right

low light, mahogany cabinetry, bottles behind glass, small screen tv’s, fine local wines.


cardboard bling 

our table of choice at any bar is by a window.


people watching

at the flight deck we look at planes on the tarmac. at the bentley we check out activity on the street.


car watching

we each pick a favorite car streaming by. this is nic’s pic of the day.


soraida’s perfection

soraida shared her method for achieving perfectly salted rims:

rub a lime around the rim of the glass, and then twirl it in a small, shallow bowl of salt.