tooth & gun (a work in progress)

1,top: outside layer (unpainted

a work in progress. nic considers this construction a painting as well as an object of art.

2. tooth & gun

inside the outer lid is nestled another box.

3.inner box lid removed

the inner box with lid removed

4. closeup of top:or bottom lid to outer box & inner box

a close up of the underside of the lid

5.tooth & gun

tooth & gun in their painted cardboard holder

6. encircling box around tooth & gun removed

the green cardboard form removed to reveal the bottom of the box inside a box

7. viewed on 'bottom' of inner box

tooth & gun

8. opened from the bottom of the outer box

the outer box opened from the bottom

9. gun & tooth with top of box removed

gun & tooth with holding ‘form’ painted black

10. gun & tooth

gun & tooth


2 thoughts on “tooth & gun (a work in progress)

  1. This reminds me of when I worked at the library and had to check people’s bags when the alarm was set off. Man with briefcase sets off alarm, I ask him to open, he does, he has hand with newspaper covering something, we do NOT look at each other. I know I have to look under paper, he doesn’t want me to. I do. It’s a gun with a silencer on it. I know we aren’t checking out guns so I let him go. Love the piece and all it’s intricacies.


    1. OMG, Bonnie! a gun with a silencer in a briefcase!! Good thing you had the smarts NOT TO LOOK HIM IN THE FACE. Who would have any good use, as in ‘for the good’, for a gun with a silencer. There’s a story there, and thankfully, you were not a main player in it. San


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