silk roads and cotton fields

silk roads

‘silk roads’. .. (a handsewn, embellished pouch poem) by cathy chown.  we found each other on etsy.

cotton fields

& ‘cotton fields’.  cotton or silk or silk or cotton. field or road or road or field. how the pouch poem swings.

silk road

‘words at hand’ & by hand.

cotton field

a marvelous gift to me that arrived at 4pm, december 17, 2012 & was opened (‘open any time’) at 4:15pm.

cathy chown designs

i get it. i see it. i dig it. it’s killer. it speaks to me. thanks, cathy chown. merry christmas, dear canuck.


3 thoughts on “silk roads and cotton fields

  1. the more i look at this piece, the more i see. tiny hands of handsigns sewn on. an interior exotic coin attached & a canadian coin simply placed loose in the bag for one (me!) to find. swinging on ones arm on a night out with an iphone, id, & a tube of lipstick inside… what could be more sublime?


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