the plug story

plug faces at nightnic’s the one who came up with the iconography. i’m the one who managed the rock n roll band that came to be named ‘plug’.

IMG_4241here i am then. it is 1995. the ‘dangerous ashes’, as they once called themselves, ask me if i would manage them.  i was green, but i took it on.

IMG_4230barry mcalpine on bass, tony colomina on drums, don edwards on guitar. a rare acoustic gig i got them at matt ferranto’s ‘spare room’ gallery. a gala art opening for nic.

IMG_4227in no time at all, nic gets enlisted as the publicity/marketing end of the venture.  he shoots hours of real time live shows & ‘plug’ practice sessions with a panasonic vid cam. he designs, photocopies, hangs & distributes flyers. here we are at another gig i got the guys in lincoln city at a surfer’s 4th of july party. you can see nic’s camera work & watch the band, get a glimpse of the primitive, wild, cop invaded gig, on youtube here…


‘plug gulp’ the band’s CD with nic’s plug face icon.

IMG_3975so nic is designing the cd, the flyers, shooting the videos, as i am scraping up gigs for these 3 extraordinary musicians with their all original songs all original full out sound. we are a team of artists working in synch.


IMG_3986nic in the t-shirt he designed for the ‘plug’ cd release gig.

IMG_4074the ‘plug’ story is a story filled with honor & glory. & a story that ends in death & loss. nic’s plug faces tell it better than words.

IMG_4086acrylic plug faces on vintage stock boxes series



IMG_3925plug face lamp (back side)

IMG_4002plug face lamp (front side)


you can see it then in our faces & it remains so… one of the honors of our lives to have been a part of it all. here’s to ‘plug’. plug on forever.


vintage Nikkormat goodbyes

1. no lense

here it is, our Vintage Nikkormat FTN 35mm SLR Camera

2.back of cameraback view

3. opened upopened up

4.with portrait lenswith its leather strap & a lens it weighs  2 1/2 lbs

5. 1:1.4seen here with its 2 lenses

6. auto 1:2.5our favorite lens for portraits & closeups, the 105mm Nikkor-P Auto

1.bag & goodiesthe padded camera bag & other assorted goodies therein

4. minolta auto 28 & filmalso in the camera’s bag a minolta auto 28 light meter & this unused roll of slide film

2. the bookthe official 160 page hardback manual

3. inside book (lenses)as you have surmised by now, we are letting go of another of our beloved good friends, 35 mm film & this vintage nikkormat with all of its accoutrement.

san with catsone of the early pictures (81) nic took with the nikkormat. dasdo, swallow & sloy on camano island.

san diegosloy in san diego in 83 using the portrait lens

nic in backyardnic in the backyard in salem

wedding pic 1our wedding day picture in Harrah’s Lake Tahoe ’84 taken with time release

wedding pic 2 these pre-digital photos contain a forgiving warmth that isn’t as easily attained with our hyper detailed photos of today. (of course, it doesn’t hurt to be younger when photographed either.)

 after the attic cleaning, nothing here has been the same. nic says i’m selling everything not nailed down. i’m thinking more, everything that cannot go into our will. with that mantra in mind, i’ve even opened an etsy store, Gearbender & Rustmorte, where some of the over abundance of our 30+ years of being together is up for grabs. it’s some story. come on by sometime.

& they lived happily ever after…