vintage Nikkormat goodbyes

1. no lense

here it is, our Vintage Nikkormat FTN 35mm SLR Camera

2.back of cameraback view

3. opened upopened up

4.with portrait lenswith its leather strap & a lens it weighs  2 1/2 lbs

5. 1:1.4seen here with its 2 lenses

6. auto 1:2.5our favorite lens for portraits & closeups, the 105mm Nikkor-P Auto

1.bag & goodiesthe padded camera bag & other assorted goodies therein

4. minolta auto 28 & filmalso in the camera’s bag a minolta auto 28 light meter & this unused roll of slide film

2. the bookthe official 160 page hardback manual

3. inside book (lenses)as you have surmised by now, we are letting go of another of our beloved good friends, 35 mm film & this vintage nikkormat with all of its accoutrement.

san with catsone of the early pictures (81) nic took with the nikkormat. dasdo, swallow & sloy on camano island.

san diegosloy in san diego in 83 using the portrait lens

nic in backyardnic in the backyard in salem

wedding pic 1our wedding day picture in Harrah’s Lake Tahoe ’84 taken with time release

wedding pic 2 these pre-digital photos contain a forgiving warmth that isn’t as easily attained with our hyper detailed photos of today. (of course, it doesn’t hurt to be younger when photographed either.)

 after the attic cleaning, nothing here has been the same. nic says i’m selling everything not nailed down. i’m thinking more, everything that cannot go into our will. with that mantra in mind, i’ve even opened an etsy store, Gearbender & Rustmorte, where some of the over abundance of our 30+ years of being together is up for grabs. it’s some story. come on by sometime.

& they lived happily ever after…



9 thoughts on “vintage Nikkormat goodbyes

  1. omg i can’t believe i know such beautiful people! amazing photos-such a gift. is dasdo the wailer there? i started looking at the archives in your area-do you have a thought about this(willamette, lewis and clark, u of w)? besides being lovely humans, i think you are a huge piece of the history around salem, the nw boho art community, and an influence on a lot of people. if i were a scholar, i would love to write a book about both of you. i don’t mean to be intrusive in asking, i’m just curious. maybe Professor DeLorenzo will give me a job at Bancroft (UC Berkeley) then we could solicit your papers for the archive! hell, lyn lifshin’s there, but so are some recordings of theodore roethke, and a bunch of other poets i don’t know much about. really, wishful thinking…he’s a nice man, my instructor, but harvard trained. sadly, pedigree is really important in that field. speaking of, i’ve put my assignment off and it’s due at midnight… xo renee


    1. omg, we can’t believe we know such a beautiful person as you! yes, dasdo is the wailer; swallow is the chagrined. what are you doing spending sooo much money on our stuff? lookee here… stop it! if you like something & want it, let us know. it is yours. as for that jazz man, boy oh boy that was a hard one for us to let go. dave really got happy when he found out it was going to you.


  2. I did learn many years ago the invaluable lesson that when you love someone, he or she is beautiful in your eyes, even if no one else can see it. I remember a fellow trying to get me to go out with him when I was about 20, and I always turned him down because I was less than attracted to him, but over time after getting to know him and love him deeply, it was amazing to observe how very beautiful he looked to me. More than once I’ve had the opposite experience, hooking up with some fellow solely on the basis of him being a handsome devil and after getting to know him better, those good looks evaporated right before my very eyes.


    1. yes, we hear what you are saying. your brother & i never have thought of ourselves as anything special in the looks dept. never did. still don’t. but the pictures dave took/takes of me are me seen through his eyes & i like to think the same for my pictures of him. they are pictures of love. ‘the eye of the beholder’ manifested.


  3. Jesus Christ! Excuse my language, but, Good God Almighty! I don’t want to say it, but I have to say it, there’s no way around it, you too are just drop dead gorgeous! David, you, in your backyard in the blue shirt, take, hands down, first prize for being the most handsome (yes, beautiful) man I’ve ever seen in my entire life–dammit, being my brother and all!!! I really try to downplay a person having been lucky enough to have been blessed with “good looks” (subjectivity aside), for which they cannot really, I’ve always tended to believe, probably really take any credit. After all, it’s certainly no guarantee that their outer beauty will match their much more important inner beauty, but, in your case, your inner beauty is every bit as much, or more, a match for your outer beauty and great character, and for that you can take all the credit! Well, I’m going to give Sandra some credit for that because I know that you most certainly would. Besides, the very same thing, her inner beauty matching her outer beauty, is equally true. But, don’t let what I’ve said go to your heads now, or I’ll have to take it back. I know you won’t.


  4. funny how one never sees beauty in oneself in the moments of life. & you’re not the first to say i look(ed) like susan sarandon, bonnie. of course, i only see nellie murray, my maternal grandmother, when i look in the mirror.


  5. The camera is beautiful for sure, but you guys are REALLY beautiful…geez San you look like Susan Sarandon, only cuter…


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