the plug story

plug faces at nightnic’s the one who came up with the iconography. i’m the one who managed the rock n roll band that came to be named ‘plug’.

IMG_4241here i am then. it is 1995. the ‘dangerous ashes’, as they once called themselves, ask me if i would manage them.  i was green, but i took it on.

IMG_4230barry mcalpine on bass, tony colomina on drums, don edwards on guitar. a rare acoustic gig i got them at matt ferranto’s ‘spare room’ gallery. a gala art opening for nic.

IMG_4227in no time at all, nic gets enlisted as the publicity/marketing end of the venture.  he shoots hours of real time live shows & ‘plug’ practice sessions with a panasonic vid cam. he designs, photocopies, hangs & distributes flyers. here we are at another gig i got the guys in lincoln city at a surfer’s 4th of july party. you can see nic’s camera work & watch the band, get a glimpse of the primitive, wild, cop invaded gig, on youtube here…


‘plug gulp’ the band’s CD with nic’s plug face icon.

IMG_3975so nic is designing the cd, the flyers, shooting the videos, as i am scraping up gigs for these 3 extraordinary musicians with their all original songs all original full out sound. we are a team of artists working in synch.


IMG_3986nic in the t-shirt he designed for the ‘plug’ cd release gig.

IMG_4074the ‘plug’ story is a story filled with honor & glory. & a story that ends in death & loss. nic’s plug faces tell it better than words.

IMG_4086acrylic plug faces on vintage stock boxes series



IMG_3925plug face lamp (back side)

IMG_4002plug face lamp (front side)


you can see it then in our faces & it remains so… one of the honors of our lives to have been a part of it all. here’s to ‘plug’. plug on forever.


5 thoughts on “the plug story

  1. Nic and Sloy you two yet again are indeed amazing or as the boys say “amazeballs”. I agree with Bonnie that Sandra looks like Susan Sarandon only she is waay cooler. I have always wanted to have bright yellow hair. Who knows??? Intense you two are.


  2. Fantastic look at a bygone era…got a Christmas card from Matt this year…kind of forgotten about the spare room gallery…and I’m sticking with the Susan Sarandon for San…only San is cooler. LOVE the tee shirt…


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