making a mark


 bonnie hull’s ‘on the way’ blog tipped us off. she wondered what her readers thought of ‘making a mark’, a show of drawings she was in at the arts center in corvallis. we went to see.  here i am looking at a bonnie hull.


her marks close up.


dashes, diagonal raining dashes, dots, lines, cross stitches. as they came.  joyful. accepted. adding up. at least that’s sloy’s take looking at this one.


my favorite. another of bonnie hull’s.


 weaves, curves, flecks & spatters. cats cradles.


BIG stuff done small. seismographic barb wire. paint splatters. how did she make those droozley, dimensional  lines?


looking back i see for the first time how 2 huge, loose, in your face andrew myers’ mixed media on paper pieces work. from a distance.


gina wilson’s handbuilt ceramics with clay slips. chalky, cubistic, lumpen…all good things.


if we had a pamphlet that guided visitors through the pieces in this show (only numbered, not identified by names) i could say what this piece of gina wilson’s was called. this is its nose side.


& on the un-nose side.


nic actually showed me how to look at art. until i saw how he did it, i would never have guessed that you put your nose right into it & looked at the marks/strokes.


4 thoughts on “making a mark

  1. bonnie, dave’s comments on your ‘henk’s tulips’ were good also. he says your marks remind him of haiku. i know what he means by that… japanese-like, spare, inspired, enigmatic, essential. the gallery had only 1 identifying pamphlet remaining & so we have no way to really name anything we saw, but it was a diverse show & interesting to look at. we went by number clockwise around the gallery & began to see how it was hung so that some pieces by any given artist were separated from each other while others had their pictures in the show hung side by side. mostly it became easy to identify the styles of a given artist…clint brown, for instance, but i was taken completely by surprise when my eyes landed on your ‘last’ picture near d.e. may. a stunner & very different somehow from your larger pieces. my fav in the whole show, truly. a small gem.


  2. Nic and Sloy: Thank you so much for closely looking at this show and at my work. I was blown away tonight when I sat and looked at your post. In our culture now there is NO in-depth discussion or critical discussion of work (unless you are in NYC) . As artists we are starving for it…xo


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