remembering clyde as a young man

1. high school pic

 high school portrait

2. boiler makers 1943

with first born daughter, sandra loy, me. june 1943. working in the shipyards of Portland, OR before being drafted into the air force. 20 years old.

3. 1943 margaret & clyde zettle

my mother margaret and father clyde in his air force uniform.

4. clyde & his dad

 with his father, frank.

5. clyde & me

i get to ride piggy back.

6. clyde, his dog babe, & me

dad’s dog babe and me with easter basket

7. Easter 1944

easter sunday, 1944


10 thoughts on “remembering clyde as a young man

  1. Great pictures of Dad, I have always loved them and it is good to see them again. I really miss him and our morning coffee calls. Di


  2. Your Papa was such a handsome man-his smile brings back the memory of meeting him on Camino Island so many years ago. Such a gracious man, and obviously so well loved-this is a beautiful tribute, beautiful life.


    1. kathy, thank you for taking the time to look at the pictures and respond in such a feeling way. wish you could have known him. he’d have got a “kick” out of you. he respected real, original, ‘character’.


    1. thank you, larry. your laughter and voice remind me of dad’s, but of course, you are his kid brother. so sorry you are now the lone surviving sibling. your sisters & dad made for a wonderful family.


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