clyde thru time: dave’s tribute

clyde operating the weyerhaeuser mill A crane
clyde, crane operator, operating the weyerhaeuser mill A crane

my father-in-law, clyde zettle died last wednesday (july 10, 2013). he was a truly amazing man.

dad as foreman 3
clyde as maintenance foreman with his crew. son gary in first row far right.
a blue collar worker of relatively modest means, he was the most generous person i have ever known.
cal neva 1990 4
a winner
note from dad 5
note accompanying the winner’s picture.

i was one of probably dozens who always got a card with cash & a note saying “go have fun” for their birthdays.

dad dishes 2000 6
doing dishes with joanne, his 2nd wife extraordinare.

for years, clyde & his wife joanne hosted a three day party labor day weekend for their birthdays at their one bathroom cabin on camano island, WA.

labor day 2006 8
family, the gang gathered on camano, labor day 2006

this gathering included generations of family & friends. they finally had to rent porta pottys. at night you had to be careful not to trip over people sleeping on the floor.

dancing 2001 7
joanne and clyde dancing at a 2001 celebration of rick and geoff’s 10 year anniversary.

clyde was intelligent, wise, loving & utterly without pretension. he never asked for anything more than those around him have a good time.

 in harrah's winner's suite 2007 9
in a harrah’s winner’s suite, 2007

this doesn’t begin to say all that could be said about this special person.

father's day 2009
father’s day 2009. mukilteo, WA

the world will be a poorer place without him.


16 thoughts on “clyde thru time: dave’s tribute

  1. I’ve really enjoyed seeing this tribute to Clyde. Really nicely done.   Love you guys –   Cam

    From: nicholsloystudio >To: >Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 9:36 PM >Subject: [New post] clyde thru time: dave’s tribute > >nicholsloystudio posted: ” my father-in-law, clyde zettle died last wednesday (july 10, 2013). he was a truly amazing man. clyde as maintenance foreman and his crew. 1st row far right, his son, gary.a blue collar worker of relatively modest means, he was the most generous pe” >


  2. Jonathan and I just found this link. What a beautiful tribute! Kind words for a kind man. Grandpa did so much for me. He used to always have pockets full of change and whoever could guess the amount the closest got it. I guessed pretty close a lot. It’s helped me in my life of estimating cost, volume etc. who knew a child game would be a lasting gift? He taught me to do things that were not pleasant like bating my own fish hooks or killing my own fish, but the reward of doing that was yummy delicious fish. He took me to my first being a woman exam. I loved his advice. I giggle to think about his exact words. I miss you Grandpa! Thank you for teaching me so many things. Holding cards the right. He held us all right in his huge heart. Thank you for that. I have so many wonderful memories. Thanks Dave and Sandy for pulling this together.


  3. Sandra and Dave. This is a beautiful tribute to Clyde. It sounds like he lived a wonderful life – filled with family and friends. You were very fortunate to have had him as a dad and a dad-in-law. I’m glad you two were so connected to him. Love, ME


  4. I great man and a great grandfather too. He saw more than he would speak to. Would speak to welcome all. And he served as the hub of the wheel of family for three generations.
    He was that kind.


    1. thank you, shanna. uncle gary has had many ‘looks’, all of them a part of the good son/brother/father/grandfather that he is. dave loved dad as i did. and dad loved dave. how often does this happen? we have all been blessed by our good fortune to have clyde for 89+ years in our lives.


  5. Well Clyde your
    life and laughter , kindness and caring
    camera captured and now shared
    have brought your tender smile
    into my heart

    sending you a long hug dear Sandra ,
    I am honoured that you have shared
    this treasure xx C


      1. Sandy and Dave, You did a great job and I just love it for Dad truly was a great and compassionate man. He loved all of us and it always made my heart glad. I loved him dearly, Di


        1. yes, he loved us without reservation or even in spite of reservations. unconditional love. he “felt” connected to all of us, and even pets. he never gossiped. he never talked about us behind our backs to the others. i loved him dearly too, sister.


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