clyde operating the weyerhaeuser mill A crane

clyde, crane operator, operating the weyerhaeuser mill A crane

my father-in-law, clyde zettle died last wednesday (july 10, 2013). he was a truly amazing man.

dad as foreman 3

clyde as maintenance foreman with his crew. son gary in first row far right.

a blue collar worker of relatively modest means, he was the most generous person i have ever known.
cal neva 1990 4

a winner

note from dad 5

note accompanying the winner’s picture.

i was one of probably dozens who always got a card with cash & a note saying “go have fun” for their birthdays.

dad dishes 2000 6

doing dishes with joanne, his 2nd wife extraordinare.

for years, clyde & his wife joanne hosted a three day party labor day weekend for their birthdays at their one bathroom cabin on camano island, WA.

labor day 2006 8

family, the gang gathered on camano, labor day 2006

this gathering included generations of family & friends. they finally had to rent porta pottys. at night you had to be careful not to trip over people sleeping on the floor.

dancing 2001 7

joanne and clyde dancing at a 2001 celebration of rick and geoff’s 10 year anniversary.

clyde was intelligent, wise, loving & utterly without pretension. he never asked for anything more than those around him have a good time.

 in harrah's winner's suite 2007 9

in a harrah’s winner’s suite, 2007

this doesn’t begin to say all that could be said about this special person.

father's day 2009

father’s day 2009. mukilteo, WA

the world will be a poorer place without him.