1. sloy & emily 3

so here i am with emily & her monkey woo & dog.

show title

hang with me here. i’ll explain.

tall trees

trees. emily carr painted trees.

woods 1

like no other. check out the top 2/3rd of this painting.

woods 2

here it is in closeup. the trees in the top 2/3rd of emily’s painting.

lone cedar

‘lone cedar’

mad bab trees

‘mad bab tree’

klee wyck pottery

‘laughing one’

emily's pottery

emily’s klee wyck pottery

writing gravel pits

“nature has not had time to heal the scars and holes yet…”

gravel pits

‘above the gravel pit’

yellow trees 1

 spoiler alert: closeups of bottom & top of this painting coming up next.

yellow trees 2


yellow trees 3


arthur lismore

“…but i know inside me what they’re after and i feel that perhaps, given a chance, i could get it too.”


emily’s own ‘rhythm of the lines…’

mark tobey

oh brother! where art thou?

emily carr young

emily carr young

the elephant 1934

emily in her caravan “elephant” with woo & animals

lastly emily

sloy gets the great honor of looking in the eyes of one of her heroes.


clear cut (detail)

our emily

“too unusual” for the victorian early 1900’s in victoria, bc or in now anywhere. few people bought her paintings.

for me, emily carr ranks up there with georgia okeefe & gertrude stein, to name 2.