nic’s and sloy’s best western summer slept heres. part 2


june 14. best western beachfront inn, brookings, OR

view of one wing from the wing enfolding us.


back to the bw browns & golds. our beachfront room.


another variation of bw housekeepers’ bedpillow compositions. lighthouse art


view east from our deck. an actual lighthouse. a bw breakfast the next morning monitored by someone whose job it is to inquire kindly of the partakers filling their plates, did you sleep here? nic & sloy slept here.



june 15 & 16. best western agate beach, newport, OR

a sleep over two nights. time to figure what 6 or 7 days into being 70 years old means to me, sloy, as the end of a 2,494 mile road trip to mark my 70th looms. it wasn’t all best westerns, but all were best.


 green & white. mini bar/coffee biz buzzing fridge & dressing room just inside the door.


lighthouse art (check out the plank walkway). 2 historical lighthouses in newport, 1 can be seen from our room.


our lofty view from the balcony. lighthouse (squint into the far right, mid shot) beckoning our visit. fab lighthouse. vast, wondrous, weird beach.

sand structures

as far as the eye could see, a sand structure installation. no two alike.

2 nights $326.94 (not counting 1 dinner & 2 breakfasts in the hotel’s restaurant/lounge)


july 3. best western cascadia inn, everett, WA

here it gets blurry. having to use pics from we are in everett to be with my father. it turns out for the last time.


essentially our room, kinda. to be truthful, much more spiffy looking than the real deal. a buzzing fridge/micro/sink/divider in our room very like this one.

view from window

view out our window. everett downtown in the distance. in the foreground a pool (our shot) & the long vacant repo-ed houses across the street.

vintage cafe

we agree to break fast in downtown everett 2nd morning. need i say more?

inside vintage cafe

inside this historical building still allowed to co-exist with the ever emerging new everett.  plans were to bring dad here.

derelict house

shot this, one of the repo houses seen out our window, as we walked by it before checking out.  the derelict plans we lay.

2 nights cost: $200.16 (not including vintage cafe)

vintage cafe


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