excavating for the ‘two sisters’

1. facing the music

and so it begins, the excavation of a full-up 5′ X 10′ art storage unit.

2. emptying the space

most everything must come out, not only to find the ‘two sisters’ but to make room for new additions from the nicholsloy studio stack.

3. looking one way

looking down the hall to our unit’s east side open door.

4. looking the other

looking up the hall from the east side door. lucky for us, no other folks showed up to get at their stowage.

14. what we drank in 1997 %22Y%22

looking in from the west side door. boxes of mac flasks with notes inside. the ‘Y’.

5. oils taken off their stretchers & rolled up

a collection of paintings no longer on stretcher frames that are rolled up & labeled.

13. box of rolled canvases sent to denver

a box of large rolled up canvases we once shipped by fed ex to denver at the request of rick dawson & geoff kann, art collectors extraordinaire. they chose a very large still life with a crab.

6. Y box & sloy's sack

the ‘Y’ box & sloy’s ‘no one told the truth’ brown bag.

16. fitting it all & more back in

the excavation & rearrangement continues at the west door entrance.

15. sloy's dead men's coats & kick it

sloy’s ‘kick it right here’ & ‘dead men’s coats’.

9. '57 chev & pulp mill

nic’s ‘on the road with no memory’ & ‘GP pulp mill’

10. rebeat 2, 3 & 4

in the stacks 3 issues of sloy’s & nic’s 4 issue tabloid ‘rebeat’. left to right, summer ’93 issue #4 (nic’s cover), winter ’93 issue #3 (carol hausser’s cover), and fall ’92 issue #2 (dan may’s cover).

8. vita gallery side view

a large cardboard, 2-sided piece, we shipped by UPS to the vita gallery in 1997. we were in a 3 artist show curated by the incomparable linda grounds, the vita gallery owner.

stack of ink drawings 54%22 x 49%22

a stack of nic’s large (54″ X 49″) ink drawings of vintage stock boxes from the now defunct everett, WA. weyerhaeuser pulp & paper mill drawn on pulp paper produced at that mill.

11. 54%22 x 49%22 acrylics in sleeve sloy made

some of nic’s early live line paintings in acrylic & a collection of sloy’s writings inside an envelope sloy made for storing them. all done on the same large pulp paper as the stock box drawings.

our kite (sing:sign)

our kite ‘sing sign’ for the bush gallery kite show invitational in 2006 along with glimpses of some of nic’s earliest paintings from ’81 & ’82.

woman with pipe (grandfather looking on)

‘woman smoking a pipe’ & in the upper corner is painted a rendition of nic’s ‘in the graying glass’, nic’s grandfather looking on. ‘in the graying glass’ will be in the alumni show. an early work.

17. two sisters

‘two sisters’ oil on canvas, 1985. 92″ x 58″

the sisters ready to be taken home in the trusty nicholsloy studio van. excavation is exhilarating-exhausting labor. the works of your life flash by & beset your dreams. we took the plunge into the archives because of the ccc alumni show november 6 – december 6. the studio became bare of so many pieces, & with the holidays on the way, we chose “two sisters” to come home with us & fill the void. it’s been decades since we’ve spent any time with them. if you’ve been following so far as to be reading this now, we hope to see you at the opening wednesday afternoon 12:30 – 2:30, nov. 6. nic learned from facebook yesterday that he has to give a little talk about his art, a bracing blow to his already blowsy nerves.


6 thoughts on “excavating for the ‘two sisters’

    1. these pictures do not even tell half the story, horst. the majority of dave’s work that isn’t already sold, and many, many pieces are sold, have been taken from stretchers & are stored as canvas rolls. we very much want to get an opportunity to view those labelled rolls of art once again.


    1. WOW! how kind of you. we truly wanted to unroll the many canvases we have not seen in years, but that will have to wait. our long range plan is to get rid of our ‘living room’ furniture (a front bedroom, actually), get a good hide-a-bed, & use our back bedroom as our art archive. we so want all that work “home”. maybe we will get our wish one year soon.


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