homemade holiday cards


before we had a computer. before we had a printer. each Christmas card was hand drawn.


then along came the era of kinkos & color copies


letters cut from our ‘rebeat’ tabloid



letters cut from repurposed cardboard box scraps


made from cardboard and construction paper scraps


our technology progresses & we begin sending scans of an original to apple for cards


always liked this prismacolor, so it was sent to apple as our Christmas card one year


if inspiration did not come in time, we sent new year’s cards instead


love this tree. it made a cool card.


late 80’s we got a hand-me-down pc, our 1st,  & one of those printers that have punched holes along the sides of a paper roll. nic made illustrations in a primitive word processing program for a book i wrote & typed, ‘paperback band,’ using that pc and that punched paper. this is one of his digitized drawings. it was our card last year (2012).


trimming the tree

grandma murray's snowmangrandma nellie’s snowman

matt ferranto's nutcrackermatt ferranto’s ‘nuthouse’

dave's starnic’s cardboard star

lis lewis's peruvian indian womanlisa sue’s peruvian indian woman souvenir

my felt angelsloy’s first felt angel

angel topper

nic’s scrap paper angel

shanna's windmillshanna’s grade school windmill

dave's grandmother's xmas cardgrandma mary elizabeth’s Christmas card

d.e. may's santad.e. may’s santa

dave's dovenic’s cardboard turtle dove

dave's mother's cardnic’s mother mary’s new year’s card

cardboard ornamentnic’s inverted triangle cardboard ornament

potatoa potato

picklea pickel

tomatoa tomato

corn& an ear of corn