snowmageddons (present and past)

1. feb 6

snowmageddon northwest style as seen from a small neighborhood in northeast salem. forecasters say we have not seen snow like this since 2008. and so we set about looking at photos from the 2008 storm to compare them with what is being termed ‘snowmageddon’ today.

2. night feb 6snowfall the evening of thursday, february 6, 2014. view from the back porch.

3. morning feb 7a view across the street at sunrise this morning (friday 7)

4. audi in snowthe audi with its shroud of snow. and up next, 2008.

1. dec 21 2008snowmageddon past. december 21, 2008

2. berry tree fallsa dangerously leaning eucalyptus tree and the one favorited by flocks of robins downed.

3. evening dec 21evening of the first day

4. dec 22december 22. the precariously leaning eucalyptus tree later falls on a sunny day in the near future.

5. dec 22

6. dec 23nic takes stock. it is scary. our eucalyptus tree now leans on the power and telephone wires coming from the pole to our house.

8. dec 23so nic then springs into action shoveling sidewalks for us and a neighbor.

9. evening dec 23evening december 23, 2008. a long icicle hangs from the meter box.

friday morning feb 7, to shovel or not to9:30 AM and in the present snowmageddon, nic goes out to decide whether to shovel or not to shovel the walkways. more snow and freezing rain is forecast. what he truly aches to do, and so will find reasons, is take that audi S5 out for a spin. “it’s made for snow,” he opines, barely concealing his keenness for adventure. hark! the deep rumbling purrs of an audi warming in the driveway.


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