take your pulse

1. sloy

sloy here your faithful blogger taped to the wall.

2. choose glasses choose a sign snap! killer

choose your glasses choose your sign snap killer!

3. james and emily

james & emily

4. bonnie and roger

bonnie & roger

5. bonnie hull

a snippet of a bonnie hull

6. chris griffin phantom

a chris griffin nearby

7. nic

nic getting his mugshot.

8. mary lou zeek

mugshot shoots a mary lou zeek exclusive

9. nic & sloy

go to pulse get on the wall


nic & sloy hang with mary lou.



8 thoughts on “take your pulse

    1. ha ha too good indeed IM pervious it is
      like RE hearsing in the Bugs Bunnt opening song
      Hearsing and Rehearsing a part , On with the show
      Happy Mom’s day Hotcha Mamma xoxoxo


          1. on the blog page where one may peruse previous ponderings
            posted by Pepys …it is written “pervious a teepoo perhaps ???


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