a memorable nicholsloy studio memorial day weekend

1. andy

while andy and sloy look on nic is dealt a monster job. the attic door croaks and gapes open mawed. even if mawed isn’t a word it mawed.

2. foot

nic broke it on day 1 of memorial day weekend on a mission to the attic. or it broke while nic climbed it. (might have been sloy’s me, my, mine’s fault.) we don’t know he says. he doesn’t point a finger at me.

3. rope

i had prettified the topmost shelf under the trapdoor hinge with a neato footed wire bowl a day or two before. then the bent metal hinge, metal once bent fatigue. there were clues. here nic is getting ready to tie the door closed with him in the attic.


5. pulling

so all memorial day weekend he sweated and cursed and hoisted his 66 YO self up and down in and out of that yawning inferno wrestling one dead 50+ pounder and one live 50+pounder.

6. ladder off

the old door dangling with fold up ladder and most hanging apparatus removed.

7. painting new

of course, the new door must be painted before installation.

8. new painting

a few knocked over sloy ‘spice’ jars and some dicey moments but at last today, wednesday 28,  signs of victory.

which of his two adversaries old or new gave him the most hell it’s difficult to assess but he won. he figured it out. he didn’t get hurt. and it’s all finish work from here.

9. old door

the painting on the old door from cork stamps nic carved for an oil painting called, “mapping heaven”.

10. closeup old door






8 thoughts on “a memorable nicholsloy studio memorial day weekend

  1. rad. love the story. and dave’s calm, nofingerpointing workmanship.

    Sent from my Western Electric 302 rotary phone.



  2. Really enjoyed the trip – you two are great! I helped prepare some appetizers and the attended a 40th birthday for my Annie! It was fun — unlike perhaps what Dave went through. Then on Sunday and Monday, I made fixings for Memorial Day. By Monday night, I was done, fizzled out, ready for bed! Love, ME


    1. i was fizzled out saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday & wednesday night. well there’s always LABOR DAY weeeekend. love ya sis.


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