nic and sloy slept here (sloy’s best western summer 2013 in 3 thrilling parts)

Best western skyline motor lodge, Lakeview<OR

june 5. it begins… a nic & sloy slept here tour of best westerns. outside the best western skyline motor lodge, lakeview, OR.

the room $96.26+$2.00 for maid. (scrambled eggs, sausage patties, toast free)

 decor of first bedroom away from home

view from bed

tv, complementary bottled water, package of hot chips, coffee maker, buzzing mini fridge, microwave & dressing room

cowboy art

cowboy art

bed tray

bed tray. in the morning breakfast (free) in the breakfast room. diligently scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, english muffin, orange juice coffee & tea best western style.

total cost $142.26

Best Western High Desert Inn, Tonopah, NV FREE

june 6. best western high desert inn, tonopah, NV.

 here you see nic relaxing 1st thing after driving all day, disembarking, & unloading the luggage, by playing timed word games on his iphone. a baffling king sized bed. where do you both put down your drinks?

view from bed

view from the overabundant bed.  wall mounted tv, desert art, buzzing mini fridge & micro.

a night of electrical failures & mysteries, nic hiking off to the desk to figure out why a lamp, a tv, a bathroom light, would work & then not. over another bw breakfast much like the first,  we chat with a retired cuban couple, “they are not saving their money for their kids’ inheritance. they are traveling.”

cost? hard to figure. we are comped by bw “points” for a free night’s stay with a bw voucher. the desk accepts bw’s official voucher, but later gets its revenge by staking a claim on our remaining points.

best western gateway hotel, santa monica, CA

june 11. best western gateway hotel, santa monica

 the audi maneuvered into underground parking so tight we say adieu, good luck, & keep our fingers crossed. an old building in santa monica not too far from the pier, but far enough the hotel’s shuttle taxis us to the action. old school elevator, narrow winding hallways. the usual buzz of the mini fridge. microwave, coffee maker, tv.

nautical art

nautical art

no free breakfast here. instead the menu for ihop next door. to make matters more absurd, in the morning, sure enough, we go to the ihop & order breakfast from the senior menu.

the view

view from our window

cost $219.46

best western plus beach resort, monterey, CA

june 12. best western plus beach resort, monterey, CA

we request a room on the upper floors with a view of beach & ocean. instead, & with apologies & a slight rebate, we get a room at beach level. drifting sand drifts in the door.  a wicker & off white ‘island’ decor instead of the more conventional bw browns & golds.

wicker seen from bed

view from bed. wicker armoire with coffee maker, buzzing mini fridge, wall mounted tv.

view out window

view out the window… sand, the ocean beyond the fence

beach art

deck chair art

view close up from room

deck outside our door

cost $206.83 (adding in costs for food & drinks in their upper floor restaurant, dinner & breakfast) $318.27

best western vista manor lodge

june 13. best western vista manor lodge, fort bragg, CA

our room number 420 had been stolen so many times by stoners that the lodge forgoes nailing up another. we had to be told our room had no number & we find it by reading numbers leading up to & around ol four twenty.

tv, hidden buzzing mini fridge, desk

view from bed. coffee maker, armoire with buzzing mini fridge, micro, desk, tv. abstract ‘redwood’ art.

trestle & beach out the window

 a reflection of room 420 in the view of trestle, beach & ocean.

in the morning a change in the standard free bw ‘continental’ breakfast, no overly dry scrambled eggs. cold, hard boiled instead.

cost $111.88

($2.00 tip left for room service in every hotel, of course.)

redwoods in green heels

 taking in the redwoods before the oregon leg of sloy’s best western summer saga 2013 continues.