visit to artist gary westfjord’s atelier


at the gate of gary’s studio


art lined stairway up


boston blackie? gary sez look it up on youtube.


tools of the trade


gary & nic


where are we now?


hiway 61 peace vida loco


composition in antiques, velvets & tools


the ford. the ice, the reference.


afterwards table five 08


nic looking cool in the 91 degree temperature outside


yours truly


our chariot awaits at the curb to take us to work in our own studio


double bloody marys (part 1)

now for those double bloody marys i promised. wish i knew when it started. nic would detect it out no matter what it took. i lumber on with no facts except i painted ‘double bloody mary’ over & over & over & round & round a laurel trunk with a major ant caravan promenade. we inherited both with the place.

‘double bloody mary’

pictures of it being painted and freshly painted exist, but without nic the archivist, we have to settle for this is as it is now.

‘double bloody mary’

our inherited laurel. always a work in progress. so far, the ‘double bloody mary’ trunk stays. sister trunks have been harvested, as we say, for other lives in our garden.

the laurel (under deconstruction)

everybody needs double bloody mary breaks once in awhile. if you’ve never taken one you’ve come to the right place. – nic & sloy’s favorite double bloody mary breaks (we call them dates) in salem, OR.

flight deck double bloodys

look at those spicy speckles & the good color. we are at the flight deck. 4 thumbs up. hot pickled pepper. olives (one submerged). chunky salted rim. fat straws. cool sticks. (i kind of collect these stick/spears/swizzlers. slip them in my purse after the veggies are dispensed with first off.)

the tarmac

& out the window the view from our table facing the tarmac. planes taxi, take off, arrive, take off again. nic & sloy side by side on tall bar stools on a double bloody mary date at the flight deck.

paul presiding over the bar

& looking inward, the neat lineup of bottles & paul, a maestro of mixology, conversation, & turns out painting too, on scraps of old metal signage. neon ‘corona’ airplane, model airplanes dining room, bar everywhere.

airport ambience. old school fly boys and girls chatting it up & eyes on any movement on the tarmac.  one of those 50’s/60’s gull wing bat wing aero inspired buildings, the flight deck, we in salem are so lucky to have.

flight deck double bloody marys

two more nic & sloy double bloody mary favs in salem coming soon. enjoy!

all bob knows is tires

bob's OK tire store

since 1978, the year our nicholsloy studio econoline van rolled off the assembly line, bob’s been the guy to go to for tires.

ed heading for bob's office

old skool tire shop. same as it ever was only more so.  ed, on the left, who will be doing the work on our tire change.

view of the shop

the art of a working garage.

front desk of office

and here’s the office.

lisa, bob's daughter

bob’s daughter lisa. she’ll give you hell if you haven’t been in for the free rotation every 4 or 5000 miles.

mike, bob's son

bob’s son mike. he’s drilling a hole through lisa’s work station for a new power cord to her computer.

van on the rack

meantime, off with the old.


ed on the job.

bob's collections

nic in the back alley checking out bob’s collection of rims.


bob & i jaw over tires and old times.

nic, one of bob's longtime employees

this is nick. one of the old timers. been working for bob for 15 years.

vintage OK Tires sign

you want personal service, honest service, service from years and years of experience with tires, you can’t beat bob’s OK tires. 2305 commercial st. ne. salem, OR.

78 econoline studio van spiffed up

all dolled up in nexen roadian HT’s and out and about in less than an hour. our studio art van has 343,568 miles on it. almost every mile from the beginning on bob’s tires. we get top of the line for many reasons. bob talked up 4 great possibilities, but recommended one $200 less than the most expensive of the 4. old skool service and old skool decency. bob knows his tires, and he knows what we want and need. a tip o’ the hat to bob.