2 man show — d.e. may and matt ferranto



d.e. may

1. d.e. may

2. d.e. may

3.. d.e. may

4. d.e. may

5.  handle d.e. may

6. d.e. mayspout

7. top

8. bottom


matt ferranto

matt ferranto 1

matt ferranto 2

matt ferranto 3

matt ferranto 4

matt ferranto 5

matt ferranto 6


flower power

a short, sweet story about flowers begins here…

hot nite impossible box

flowers cut from canvas scraps first get coated with gel medium

july 14, 2014  8:34:36 pm

flower power fronts

flash forward to  sept 24, 2014 6:21:04 PM

flowers are now edged and hand stitched together. these are their acrylic painted sides

flower power backs

ink and gel medium sides


long story short the flower container is ready for the flowers

oct. 18, 2014  7:54:40 pm










oct 18, 2014  8:01:11pm

8 two-sided flowers and their container


blameless man & laughing woman (for ruth)

“the blameless man” came first. ink & white mean streak on 50″ x 54″ heavy pulp paper.

2. the blameless man

the year is 1997. (ernie irvan, scrappy nascar driver hits the wall & miraculously survives.) “i’m really grateful god saved me. maybe so i can race again,” follows “the blameless man”. a 50″ x 55″ ink writing on pulp paper.

the blameless man closeup

“the blameless man”, indelible ink using a pentel .04 ceramic tip. my favorite writing implement until pentel quit manufacturing ceramic tip pens. thick, raw pulp paper is analogous to writing on a virgin 100%cotton t-shirt. it slurps ink. it’s a one stroke whatever happens experience.

1. the laughing woman

“the laughing woman” (after the stormy night) followed ernie irvan’s miraculous recovery. she too was written with ink on 50″ x 55″  pulp paper tacked to the studio wall, but instead of the beloved pentel indelible ceramic ink pen she was born of a levenger plastic replica of an ink well pen. her ink was NOT indelible. the pen did not welcome various angles of application such as vertical strokes.

pen strokes enarged

because the levenger could not write uphill, “the laughing woman” became a see it don’t see it reader experience, and the only reader she ever had bought it laughing as he read it aloud from top to bottom. who could want a better art collector?

full frame

“the laughing woman” laughed in a nichols’ frame created from roof flashing abandoned in the yard of a craftsman house in northeast portland.

detail 1

detail of flashing frame

detail 2

must wear gloves when you move nic’s custom flashing metal frame conceived & bent over wood.

back frame

“the laughing woman” had her back covered too. found wood. nic’s eye, his workshop is the envy of maybe all but himself, but that’s another post another time.

laughing woman magnified

one day turned into a dark & stormy night & “the laughing woman”, having been lashed onto the top of a moving truck overnight her ink fickle ran.

snippet 3D

fickle ink (now 3D)

enlarged 3d laughing woman

“the laughing woman”. ruth, i wanted to write the story of “the blameless man” & “the laughing woman” for “line break”, your fab column in “the salem weekly”, & we dug through our storage unit, a worthy archaeological dig, only to realize 50″ x 55″ writings would not translate to a single column. so i give you this story of 2 writings. “the blameless man” survives in heavy lamination without frame, “the laughing woman” and her frame is in a state of dismantle. let me ponder another possible submission for “line break”. maybe something even more absurd.  sloy

visit to artist gary westfjord’s atelier


at the gate of gary’s studio


art lined stairway up


boston blackie? gary sez look it up on youtube.


tools of the trade


gary & nic


where are we now?


hiway 61 peace vida loco


composition in antiques, velvets & tools


the ford. the ice, the reference.


afterwards table five 08


nic looking cool in the 91 degree temperature outside


yours truly


our chariot awaits at the curb to take us to work in our own studio

trimming the tree

grandma murray's snowmangrandma nellie’s snowman

matt ferranto's nutcrackermatt ferranto’s ‘nuthouse’

dave's starnic’s cardboard star

lis lewis's peruvian indian womanlisa sue’s peruvian indian woman souvenir

my felt angelsloy’s first felt angel

angel topper

nic’s scrap paper angel

shanna's windmillshanna’s grade school windmill

dave's grandmother's xmas cardgrandma mary elizabeth’s Christmas card

d.e. may's santad.e. may’s santa

dave's dovenic’s cardboard turtle dove

dave's mother's cardnic’s mother mary’s new year’s card

cardboard ornamentnic’s inverted triangle cardboard ornament

potatoa potato

picklea pickel

tomatoa tomato

corn& an ear of corn

remembering clyde (sept 11, 1923 – july 10, 2013)

1. clyde, kathryn & old flivver with suicide doors

clyde,sister kathryn & an old flivver with suicide doors

2. clyde 3 years dec 25, 1925

clyde in his snowy yard, december 25, 1925

3. clyde & his dog

clyde with trike & his dog

4. clyde & momma, 1930

clyde with his momma, jenny – july 9, 1930

5. cowboy clyde

cowboy clyde

6. clyde & kathryn in a goat cart

clyde & kathryn in a goat cart & depression ‘bowl’ haircuts

7. clyde easter sunday 1931 with kathryn & their grandpa

clyde, grandpa & kathryn, easter sunday 1931

8. clyde grew this sunflower

clyde grew this sunflower

the plug story

plug faces at nightnic’s the one who came up with the iconography. i’m the one who managed the rock n roll band that came to be named ‘plug’.

IMG_4241here i am then. it is 1995. the ‘dangerous ashes’, as they once called themselves, ask me if i would manage them.  i was green, but i took it on.

IMG_4230barry mcalpine on bass, tony colomina on drums, don edwards on guitar. a rare acoustic gig i got them at matt ferranto’s ‘spare room’ gallery. a gala art opening for nic.

IMG_4227in no time at all, nic gets enlisted as the publicity/marketing end of the venture.  he shoots hours of real time live shows & ‘plug’ practice sessions with a panasonic vid cam. he designs, photocopies, hangs & distributes flyers. here we are at another gig i got the guys in lincoln city at a surfer’s 4th of july party. you can see nic’s camera work & watch the band, get a glimpse of the primitive, wild, cop invaded gig, on youtube here…


‘plug gulp’ the band’s CD with nic’s plug face icon.

IMG_3975so nic is designing the cd, the flyers, shooting the videos, as i am scraping up gigs for these 3 extraordinary musicians with their all original songs all original full out sound. we are a team of artists working in synch.


IMG_3986nic in the t-shirt he designed for the ‘plug’ cd release gig.

IMG_4074the ‘plug’ story is a story filled with honor & glory. & a story that ends in death & loss. nic’s plug faces tell it better than words.

IMG_4086acrylic plug faces on vintage stock boxes series



IMG_3925plug face lamp (back side)

IMG_4002plug face lamp (front side)


you can see it then in our faces & it remains so… one of the honors of our lives to have been a part of it all. here’s to ‘plug’. plug on forever.